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What happens when additional support is needed?

What happens when additional support is needed? Services available in Camden that support children with additional needs in schools and disabilities and in the community. If your child needs additional help to make progress in school, your child’s teachers will make an individualised plan for…

What is being deaf or hard of hearing?

Hearing loss, being hard of hearing or deaf means a partial or total inability to hear. General signs of hearing loss can include:- Lack of response to noises for young children Difficulty hearing other people clearly and misunderstanding what they say Asking people to repeat…

What is global developmental delay?

Global developmental delay is the general term used to describe the condition in which children are significantly delayed in all areas of development. Babies and children usually develop certain skills and abilities in a fairly predictable order and at fairly predictable ages. Whilst all children…

Babies and young children

If your child is not in an early years setting and you are worried about your child's development, the best person to speak to is your Health Visitor. Your GP will also be able to help. They can decide whether a child needs to be…

Resources - For staff and professionals

Some useful resources for staff and professionals. Click on the dropdown lists below.

Being healthy

Camden wants all young people to remain active and healthy. This can be through maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating well and having access to sports and leisure opportunities. There are lots of tips to eat well and stay healthy, as well as lots of sports…

Strategies & Resources

Here you'll find useful resources, helpful documents and websites aimed at providing advice and guidance to families, young people and professionals.

Resources - For parents and carers

Some useful resources for parents and carers. Click on the dropdown lists below.

Resources - For young people

Some useful resources for young people.

Social Care & Support

Our principles Camden aims to make sure disabled children and young people in the borough receive the most suitable social care services and support according to the level of their needs. We will work in partnership with children, young people and their parents and carers…
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