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About us

What is Cindex?

Cindex is the London Borough of Camden's local community information database. Cindex is part of Camden Council's website.

What is included?

Cindex includes up-to-date details of around 4,500 local organisations and services.

You'll find clubs, council departments, groups, campaigns and associations who can offer help and services to Camden residents, workers and visitors. Over 2,000 subjects are covered including religion, sport, housing, political groups, older people's groups, volunteering opportunities, health, careers, business information and under fives' groups.

What is Cindex used for?

  • Finding out about local organisations and services
  • Telling the Council about new local organisations and services
  • Advising and referring local people
  • Creating mailing lists for consultations
  • Checking and updating mailing lists
  • Mapping services
  • Adding contact details to the Camden website and other websites
  • Producing local directories - subject and area selections can be downloaded and printed

Who uses it?

  • Residents, students and visitors
  • Workers across the council, statutory and voluntary sectors
  • Managers in the public sector

How up-to-date is it?

The sort of information included in Cindex is subject to frequent change. As a check, the date of the last update is listed in each entry. The last checked date shown is when the information on that record was last fully checked and was correct on that date.

All entries are checked at least once a year.

What is not included

Cindex doesn't include commercial services, unless there is a strong health or leisure aspect to their work or they are providing services with public funding. 

Cindex also does not include: individuals offering services such as private lessons or therapy; events; courses; addiction helplines that act as referral agencies to private rehab facilities.

Found something out-of-date, incorrect or missing?

We can respond quickly to your suggestions, criticisms and comments about the information we keep.

It is easy to register as a user on the website to submit amendments and suggestions. We aim to  respond as soon as possible and within 10 working days.

You are welcome to contact us directly to discuss any aspect of the service.

Cindex quality standards

The Cindex Quality Standards set out who it is for and how it can be used, what the criteria for inclusion are and the standards for researching and maintaining the information on it. See the link to the Quality Standards to read them in full.


Inclusion of an organisation on Cindex does not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation of its aims. Our full disclaimer is available on this website.

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