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Information on Moving on Plans and EHC Plans for young people moving into further education

The system of ceasing statements when a young person leaves school and writing a Learning Disability Assessment (s139a) has changed.

Over the next few years, children and young people who need one will have an Education Health Care (EHC) Plan. Unless you already have an EHC Plan, either a Moving On Plan or an EHC Plan will be written for you before you leave school.

Please note that an EHC plan is a statutory plan that colleges must adhere to, whereas a Moving On Plan is a good practice tool that does not in itself require sign-off from the Local Authority.


Do I need a Moving on Plan or an Education Health and Care Plan?

Both the plans will include information about you and how you learn. It will include what support you might need when you go to college or sixth form. This means that you won’t have to tell them everything about yourself when you get there and they can put the support you need in place from the very beginning. An EHC Plan will also look at any support you need around Care and Health but the Moving On Plan just covers  education.

Both plans will help you to get support with your learning until you are 19 years old. A college will assess what support you need to reach your educational potential – and this will be funded in exactly the same way whether you have a Moving on Plan or an EHC Plan.

If you had support at school of 20 hours or under a week, you should not need an EHC Plan. This is because colleges have smaller class sizes and have funding for support already for those that need under £6,000 worth of support. You are more likely to be on vocational courses at college, which will be more suited to your skills and so will not need the same level of support that you had in school.  Most students that had 20 hours or under of support at school achieve and progress in college without any further support.

If you need more time to complete your education beyond 19, you may be funded through the Skills Funding Agency or you may decide to request an EHC Plan.

How will I get my Moving on Plan or Education Health and Care Plan?

If you are in Year 11, your school will hold the Annual Review in the Autumn term.  Before this meeting you will have been supported to put together some information called ‘All About Me’ – this will probably be done with the staff that know your child best at school but you could also work with someone at the local authority or a Connexions Adviser.

At the Annual Review, there should be staff from your school, someone from the Local Authority and there could be other professionals that provide support for your child. At this meeting, there will be a discussion about whether you support through a Moving On Plan or an EHC Plan. You need to think about questions you have about your education, health and care beforehand and write them down for the meeting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your future at the meeting.

When it has been agreed which sort of plan you need, this will be written up by the local Authority and you will have a chance to look at it before it has been finalised.

How will I be involved?

Input from you and your family is really important so we get the best picture of who you are, what you like and how best you can be supported. You and your family will be involved in writing the 'All About Me' section and providing information about yourself including any assessments that you have already had.

There will be people at your school that can help you find a course at either college or sixth form. Make sure you know who these people are and go and speak to them. It is also important that you visit Sixth forms and colleges that you might want to go to so you have a really good idea of where will suit you best and which colleges run the courses you are interested in.

What do I do if I have questions about my Moving on Plan or EHC Plan?

You can talk to your school or the Planning and Placement Officer at the Local Authority at any point during the process. If there are any concerns, please raise them as soon as possible.

Your Planning and Placement Officer will make every effort to resolve any disagreement about your plan or about the provision that you go on to next.   For disagreements that cannot be resolved, please visit this page.

If you start college with a Moving On Plan or an EHC Plan and feel that you are not getting the support you need, you can discuss this with the college and see if any changes can be made to your support. Every school and college will have a senior manager that is responsible for learning support – in school they will be called the SENDCo but they may have a different name in the college.

If you have a Moving On Plan you can still request an assessment for an EHC Plan but it is worth checking with the college or local authority first to find out whether this would make any difference to the support you receive.  If you go to college, they may suggest that you need an EHC Plan and make the request on your behalf.

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