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Toilets and changing places

Depending on a child or young person’s needs or disability, there may be an increased need to use a toilet. This can affect someone either wanting to or being able to get out and about. When planning an outing, you may also want to know if there are any toilets nearby.

The links below allow you to search for toilets in Camden as well as in other areas, for example if you are planning a visit outside Camden.

Camden currently has five fully accessible ‘changing places’ public toilets making it one of the highest number in inner London. The five Changing Places facilities have reasonable geographical spread around the borough, being located at the Camden Society in Kentish Town, 5 Pancras Square, King’s Cross station and Great Ormond Street (two at GOSH). More are being added all the time as new buildings are completed or organisations refurbish/improve.

Here is a useful link to all changing places toilets that cover the whole  country -

Changing Places

Changing places toilets are larger than standard accessible toilets and designed for dependent use, for example when someone is with a carer.

They have lots of space and specialised equipment, including a hoist and height-adjustable changing bench.

They are also clean and provide a safe environment and in doing so allow people with complex and multiple disabilities to enjoy community life and days out with their family and friends.

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