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Preparing for Adulthood

Preparing for Adulthood in Camden

The latest annual Preparing for Adulthood event was organised virtually this year by Camden’s Children and Young People’s Disability Service (CYPDS) and Camden Special Parents Forum and it included the launch of a new film and guide for families.

Also contributing to and supporting this year’s succesful event, held during the week of 17 May, were Camden SEND and Inclusive Intervention Services and Camden Learning Disability Service Health team. Our collaboration with Camden Special Parent Forum continues to help us re-shape and co-design our delivery and the many conversations needed as children and young people approach adulthood.

This annual event is aimed at families and young people aged 13 to 18 supported by CYPDS. While we were not able to meet in person this year, using the virtual platform meant that we could continue to hear, see and listen to the many good stories about what works well in Camden and what we need to improve in this area.


During the week, professionals from social care, social work, SEN, and health shared the numerous opportunities that exist in Camden around independent living, good health, employment and community inclusion for children and young people with SEN and disabilities. 

As part of this event, a new ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ film was launched, highlighting the lives of five Camden young people, their journey towards independent living, the support they receive and their aspirations for the future.

We also launched the revised Preparing for Adulthood Pathway Guide, which sets out what support is available from different services, at key stages in life of a young person with SEND as they prepare for adulthood. The guide is essential reading and is written for families, with contributions from professionals from across social care, education, health and parents / carers in Camden.

Families and parents / carers shared their feedback on the film, the revised pathway document and the event last week, including the following:

  • “Looking forward to getting the updated document! Looks wonderful and more easily accessible / readable. Many thanks for everyone's effort involved in that and this event.”
  • “The videos [case studies in film] were great! It gives me real hope for the future!”
  • “ Wonderful idea with the Preparing for Adulthood Drop-in Clinic – a bespoke session for parents and their child’s individual needs!”
  • “Thank you to the SEND team and all the presenters. What an insightful event!”

A Good Life

Is your child between 13 and 18 and supported by Camden’s Children and Young People’s Disability Service?

Join us for Camden’s Preparing for Adulthood Week starting on Monday 17th May 2021

All young people face big changes as they become teenagers. And for some people with disabilities, their physical or emotional needs can make these changes more challenging, both for them, their families and their carers.

During the week, we are running a series of virtual events to help you understand what ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ actually means and the support that you can expect to receive from Camden’s disability services for children, young people and adults.

Monday 17th May

The Pathway to Adulthood in Camden: ‘A Good Life’

In this session Crina Popa and Rebecca Coleman will be launching our updated Preparing for Adulthood materials and “A Good Life” film and sharing an overview of what ‘The pathway to adulthood’ really means in practice. You are invited to ask questions during this session.


Tuesday 18th May

Ask the experts

During this Panel Q&A session, representatives from accommodation and community services will answer your questions about some of the option available for young people as they move towards greater independence.

Speakers: In house and external care providers for adults who are eligible for support following a care act assessment.

Wednesday 19th May

From learning to earning

In this session we’ll be sharing some of the education and employment options that are available for our young people. From schools and colleges to supported internships and volunteering, we’ll explore how we support young people and their families and carers to make choices that work for them. You are invited to ask questions during this session.

Speakers: SEND colleges, SEND employment Officer and Project Choice.

Thursday 20th May

Navigating health services

CLDS health professionals will highlight the key differences between the children and adult health pathways. They will focus on key milestones in the pathway to adulthood in relation to health services for young people with learning disabilities. This will also include a discussion about Mental Capacity Assessments in relation to making health decisions.

Speakers: CLDS multi-disciplinary health professionals

Friday 21st May

Open forum and welcome to Camden Autism Choir

During this session you will have the opportunity to reflect on what has been discussed during the week and feedback what else you might need from us to support your young person’s journey to adulthood.

Special guests: Camden Autism Choir

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