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Independent Living Hub

  • About the service: 

The Independent Living Hub is a service run by WacArts for young people aged 14 to 25 and based at the state-of-the-art Greenwood Centre in Kentish Town.  

This programme, designed by and for individuals with special educational needs and disabilities, uses drama and music, combined with practical learning, to empower young people to overcome personal and social challenges. From embracing technology to fostering independent travel and promoting healthy living, the Independent Living Hub is committed to nurturing skills for independent living as they move into adulthood. 

The Independent Living Hub supports young people to: 

  • Conquer Everyday Challenges: Equipping them with the tools to navigate the intricacies of daily life and develop invaluable relationship-building skills 

  • Unlock Creative Expression: Encouraging self-expression through activities such as drawing, painting, role play and music, allowing young talents to shine 

  • Shape Future Prospects: Assisting them in envisioning their potential futures, creating their CVs, and connecting them with exciting opportunities that await 

  • Forge Connections: Providing a safe and welcoming space for young people to connect, collaborate, and share their unique journeys. 

These transformative sessions are open to all young people who meet the eligibility criteria across a spectrum of needs, and activities will be tailored to ensure inclusivity. 

Weekly themed activities 

Each week, the Independent Living Hub introduces a specific theme, catering to varying levels of ability. The structured schedule offers flexibility for young individuals to choose sessions that align with their unique needs. 

Details of the upcoming activity programme and session dates can be found here

Tuesday, 4pm to 7pm: Designed for young people who can independently travel to the Greenwood Centre, or for those who do not require one-to-one support. Expertly led by Wac Arts, this group will delve deep into honing independent living skills, covering topics such as relationships, finances, and self-advocacy. 

Friday, 4pm to 7pm: Tailored for young people who attend with their own existing one-to-one support workers or those who wish to attend with a parent or family member, this session encourages family involvement. While support workers / parents and/or guardians stay with the young person during the session to actively support and engage the young person, a dedicated session leader guides them through tasks aligned with the weekly theme. 

Saturday, 11am to 3pm: Geared towards young individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) and Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), this session requires a one-to-one support worker for each participant. Here, the focus shifts towards peer interactions and social integration, employing the arts as a tool to explore the unique pathways to independence. 

Who can attend? 

The Independent Living Hub extends its welcome to: 

  • Tuesday – Young people aged 14 to 25 who can travel to and from the venue independently, or those who do not require support of a worker or parent / guardian during the session 

  • Friday - Young people aged 14 to 25 who wish to attend with a support worker or parent / guardian 

  • Saturday - Young people aged 14 to 25 with one-to-one support workers provided through existing Short Breaks

Please note: The Independent Living Hub does not offer additional one-to-one support, and all young people attending on Friday and Saturday must attend with their existing one-to-one support worker. 

Who can refer: 

  • Parents/carers  

  • Short Breaks providers / support worker agencies 

  • Professionals (in cases where parents need additional support) 


Where and when? 

Location: The Greenwood Centre, 37 Greenwood Place, NW5 1LB. Link to map

Sessions are scheduled during school term times: 

  • Tuesdays and Fridays: 4pm to 7pm 

  • Saturdays: 11am to 3pm 


How to register: 

  • Complete a registration form to help us understand your child's needs better 

  • Attend an introductory visit to explore the Greenwood Centre and establish the best approach for your child

  • Provide existing paperwork from other providers, with your consent, for seamless coordination. 

  • Register with the service to book activity sessions via phone or email, including a flexible drop-in option for those interested in specific sessions. 



For enquiries and further information, please contact: 

Short Breaks Delivery Manager, Wac Arts 

Tel: 020 7692 5812 


This project is funded through the Department for Education’s Short Breaks Innovation Fund until March 2024. 


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