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Advice and support about relationships and sexual health

If you're looking for support and advice about relationships and sexual health, The Camden and Islington Young People’s Sexual Health Network can help.

Details of support and clinic details can be found on the Camden Rise website

On the website you can find out more about:

  • Information about helplines and other resources for young people.
  • The C-Card scheme which provides free condoms to young people up to 25.

Individual and group work support around relationships and sexual health

  • Brook sexual health workers can offer short programmes of work on a range of areas including relationships, consent, pornography and contraception.

  • Staff can meet with parents and carers who may want support in talking about these issues with their children.

  • Staff also have extensive experience working with young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities and their families

Work with schools and at other venues

  • The network also delivers sex and relationships education in Camden schools, youth venues and other community settings.

Where are the clinics?

The Camden and Islington Young People’s Sexual Health Network provides clinics for young people aged up to 25. These include the following location:

Brook in Euston
92-94 Chalton Street

Tel: 020 7387 8700

The Brandon Centre
26 Prince of Wales Road

Tel: 020 7267 4792

Pulse @ The Hive
18 Harben Parade, 
Finchley Road,

Tel: 020 3198 0520.

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