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Help with transport to school - Camden Council

Transport provision

If your child’s nearest suitable school is beyond statutory walking distance from their home, the Council has a duty to provide a free travel pass. For a child with special educational needs, the nearest suitable school may be different than for other pupils - and walking may not be an option.

Transport for London provides travel concessions for children and young people living in London. Almost all children and young people attending school will not require any support with travel arrangements, including those who have a statement of special education needs.

But, in certain circumstances, the Council will make arrangements for transport of pupils from home to school or college. Our transport policy is used to decide whether a child is eligible for free travel permits or assisted transport. This could be one of the following travel options:

  • Travel pass;
  • independent travel training;
  • reimbursement for journeys by public transport;
  • car mileage payable to the parent/carer;
  • walking escort; or
  • school bus or taxi.

A copy of the Council's transport policy (which includes information on travel to and from educational settings pre and post 16)  can be downloaded from the box on the right.




Further information and contact details

  • The special educational needs team only handles transport arrangements for children living in Camden who have an EHC plan or statement. Generally, transport provision is considered for children who are of statutory school age, and on the basis of the nearest appropriate school with a vacancy. However, we will consider all cases individually.
  • You can contact the SEN Finance & Resources Officer by calling 020 7974 4532/6500
  • If your child does not have a statement of special educational needs, support with home-school transport may still be available from Camden’s school admissions team
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