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Personal Budgets

Personal budgets are one part of a wider transformation programme which includes Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans.

Play provision

Play Provision in Camden is run by community and voluntary organisations to provide after-school clubs and holiday play schemes for children and young people aged 4 to 12 years. Camden’s community play providers have many years’ experience of working with children with disabilities and are…

Receiving a medical diagnosis

All children are individual and will develop at different rates. However, to get a general idea ‘milestones’ are used to help track your child’s development and to give an indication as to whether they are progressing at a ‘typical’ rate. This page contains responses to the…

Resources - Easy read information

Easy read documents Local Offer easy read Personal budgets easy read overview Care Act easy read summary What are supported internships? - easy read summary

Resources - For parents and carers

Some useful resources for parents and carers. Click on the dropdown lists below.

Resources - For staff and professionals

Some useful resources for staff and professionals. Click on the dropdown lists below.

Resources - For young people

Some useful resources for young people.

Safeguarding and child protection

What does safeguarding mean? Safeguarding means protecting children and taking action when a child or young person is at risk of abuse, neglect or sexual exploitation. Protecting children and young people is everyone’s responsibility. If you have a safeguarding concern, contact the Children and Families…

School Age Children & Young People 5 – 18

School age children and young people 5 - 18 In Camden, we are keen to give parents choice in education. One of the ways we have done  this is to have different types of schools and other education settings. All schools in Camden are inclusive…

Short Breaks

What is a short break? Short breaks form one element of the support offered by Camden Council to children and young people with disabilities and their families. They provide opportunities for children and young people with disabilities to spend time away from their primary carer,…
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