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Resources - For parents and carers

Some useful resources for parents and carers. Click on the dropdown lists below.

Resources - For staff and professionals

Some useful resources for staff and professionals. Click on the dropdown lists below.

Resources - For young people

Some useful resources for young people.

School Age Children & Young People 5 – 18

School age children and young people 5 - 18 In Camden, we are keen to give parents choice in education. One of the ways we have done  this is to have different types of schools and other education settings. All schools in Camden are inclusive…

Short Breaks

What is a short break? Short breaks form one element of the support offered by Camden Council to children and young people with disabilities and their families. They provide opportunities for children and young people with disabilities to spend time away from their primary carer,…

Social Care & Support

Our principles Camden aims to make sure disabled children and young people in the borough receive the most suitable social care services and support according to the level of their needs. We will work in partnership with children, young people and their parents and carers…

Strategies & Resources

Here you'll find useful resources, helpful documents and websites aimed at providing advice and guidance to families, young people and professionals.

Support for parents and young people

Parents have told us that meeting other parents provides them with invaluable support and a way they can access really useful information. Camden has a number of organisations that can help put you in touch with other parents who also have children with a special…

Things to do

Leisure activities are provided by the local authority and by charities and local organisations working with us. Some activities are universal. Some are targeted services and others are specialist for those children with complex needs and disability. We offer a range of short break leisure activities for…

Toilets and changing places

Depending on a child or young person’s needs or disability, there may be an increased need to use a toilet. This can affect someone either wanting to or being able to get out and about. When planning an outing, you may also want to know…
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