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    Alliance of Guardian Angels UK

    Contact for details of meetings. Voluntary organisation offering safety patrols on streets, estates and public transport. Offer community safety advice, self-defence advice for victims etc. Speak at schools on issues including conflict resolution and bullying. Volunteering opportunities available.
    0844 3572737 07940 656938 (Mobile)

    Camden Combat Self Defence

    Street Combat Class based on Wing Chun Ip Man lineage. Self defence applications without the macho nonsense. Beginners welcome, new class starting June 2016. Club for men and women. Improve confidence Get fit Learn to survive a confrontation Have fun! 

    Camden Martial Arts

    (Camden Martial Arts Club)
    Kentish Town Community Centre17 Busby PlaceLondonNW5 2SP
    Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Kickboxing and Self-Defence. Improve your fitness and confidence, relieve stress and learn some cool skills, all in a friendly and safe club environment. You’ll learn not just how to punch and kick, but strategies on how to avoid confrontation…
    07876 660375

    Highgate Judo Club

    30 Makepeace AvenueLondonN6 6HL
    Judo and self defence for adults, male and female. Beginners welcomed.
    07752 225678

    Highgate Martial Arts Academy

    Highgate Newtown Community Centre25 Bertram StreetLondonN19 5DQ
    Jeet Kune Do self defence for women and men.
    020 8347 7232

    Inner Warrior Womens Self Defence Academy

    (Also known as Highgate Newtown Community Centre Womens Self Defence Academy)
    Highgate Newtown Community Centre25 Bertram StreetLondonN19 5DQ
    A combination of martial arts, kick boxing, fitness training and self defence techniques, designed to improve strength and fitness, condition the body and develop self- confidence. Women of all ages and levels of fitness welcome.
    07782 335059 (Petronella)

    KB Fitness

    LondonNW3 9BW
    Kickboxing classes for all levels.
    020 7681 0114 07881 957977

    Kentish Town Community Centre

    17 Busby PlaceLondonNW5 2SP
    The Centre is run by a community based management board. Activities for all ages, children and young people 0-19 years, adults and senior citizens. Activities include ESOL classes, Chatty Craft (sewing, knitting, crochet), Councillor's advice surgeries, yoga, pilates, and ballet. A youth project for young…
    020 7482 3212 Fax: 020 7482 4173

    Metropolitan Martial Arts

    Self defence classes ideal for women and men as techniques do not rely on strength and brute force. New class starting now Modern Training Fun and Friendly Group Make you faster, fitter and more confident Gain discipline and stamina Great way to release stress and…
    07875 837772

    Phoenix Karate School

    Ingestre Road Community CentreIngestre RoadLondonNW5 1UX
    Goju-Ryu/Karate, kickboxing and self-defence classes.
    020 7267 0281 07950 647993
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