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    Environment and Traffic Adjudicators

    PO Box 10598NottinghamNG6 6DR
    The Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA) are an independent tribunal, and are not connected with the London Borough of Camden. You will only need to contact them if you have already made formal representations to the London Borough of Camden about your Penalty Charge Notice, and have…
    020 7520 7200

    Parking Operations (Camden Council)

    Parking Operations deals with parking permits and parking suspension applications and all other general on street parking enquiries.
    020 7974 4444

    Parking Operations Operations Team (Camden Council)

    (Formerly known as Parking Services Enforcement Team and Parking Services Operations Team (Camden Council))
    Camden Parking Operations undertake on street parking and traffic enforcement which includes the enforcement of parking restrictions, bus lane and moving traffic contraventions. Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued by Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) who patrol the borough on foot, by bicycle or moped, by CEOs…

    Parking Operations Vehicle Pound (Regis Road) (Camden Council)

    (Also known as Regis Road Vehicle Pound or the Car Pound. Formerly known as Parking Services Vehicle Pound)
    Regis RoadLondonNW5 3EW
    Camden vehicle pound and payment centre. Clamp and release fees are payable at the above address. Clamp fees also payable by telephone. Vehicles should be declamped within 4 hours of payment. Unpaid clamped vehicles will be removed to the vehicle pound within 24 hours. Payment…

    Parking Penalty Charge Notices (Camden Council)

    If you receive a penalty charge notice and would like to pay, challenge or view the associated images, please visit our website.
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