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Muswell Hill Child Contact Centre

(Formerly known as Muswell Hill Family Access and Contact Centre)

Centre providing a neutral meeting place for children and parents who are involved in the break-up of a marriage or long-term relationship. Before any arrangements can be made regarding supported contact both parties must attend separately for a pre-visit. Referrals cost £15, after which the service is free. 

Contact details

Contact Name
Ms Pauline Preston
Contact Position
020 8444 2544
Fax: 020 8444 2544


c/o North Bank
Muswell Hill Methodist Church
28 Pages Lane
N10 1PP

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Saturdays from 10am-1pm.
Opening times (visits)
Please contact via email for further information.
Opening times (phone)
Messages left on the answer phone will usually be answered within 36 hours.

Further details

Referrals Policy

Referrals accepted from solicitors, court welfare officers, social workers or probation officers.

Referral required?
Croatian; Tigre; Czech; Tigrinya; Sylheti; Congolese; Creole; Tamil; Dinka; Twi; Ukranian; Dutch; Tshiluba; Danish; Turkish; Dari; Farsi; Yiddish; Filipino; Yoruba; Urdu; Eritrean; Welsh; Eruwa; Gaelic; German; Zulu; Finnish; French; Hakka; Hebrew; Greek; Gujarati; Ibo; Igbo; Hindi; Hungarian; Japanese; Kikongo; Irish; Italian; Kosovan; Kurdish; Kiswahili; Korean; Latvian; Lebanese; Kurmanji (Kurdish); Langi; Luganda; Malay; Lingala; Lithuanian; Nepali; Oromo; Mandarin; Ndebele; Polish; Portuguese; Pashto; Persian; Afrikaans; Ruba; Albanian; Russian; Punjabi; Romanian; Afan; Serbo-Croat; Bangladeshi; Bayangi; Shona; Saho; Amharic; Serbian; Arabic; Somali; Bosnian; Sorani (Kurdish); Brazilian Portugese; Sign-Supported English (SSE); Bengali; Slovakian; Bilen; Cantonese; Swiss-German; Chinese; Swedish; Spanish; British Sign Language (BSL); Bulgarian; Swahili
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