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National Careers Service London

(Also known as Prospects. Formerly known as National Careers Service Camden Information Advice and Guidance)

The National Careers Service is the publicly funded careers service for adults and young people (aged 13 or over) in England. It provides free information, advice and guidance on learning, training, career choice, career development, job search and the labour market, delivered by qualified, impartial careers advisers. It can be accessed online, by telephone and face-to-face (for people aged 19 and over).

If you would prefer to have your careers advice session over the phone, you can request this at the point of booking. Telephone appointments are structured the same as face-to-face appointments, so you will still get the information and guidance you need. Customers who opt for a telephone appointment include parents with children at home, those who have disabilities or difficulties and struggle to visit community venues and those who are currently in work and cannot attend a face-to-face appointment at the times available.

You can prepare for your session by checking the following questions and considering your answers:

  • what do you want to get out of the session?
  • what career/job do you want?
  • are you already working? Are you doing a job you enjoy or are you looking to change careers?
  • what work experience do you have? (Paid, voluntary, apprenticeship?)
  • what qualifications/training do you already have?
  • do you have qualifications in English, Maths and ICT and what grades?
  • what skills do you already have? These can be skills used in work and in other areas of your life, e.g. hobbies.
  • what might be making it difficult for you to get the job you want?

The National Careers Service Adviser may recommend that you complete the National Careers Service Skills Health Check. You can find out more about it on the National Careers Service website:

If you have any of the following, take them along to your advice session:

  • your CV
  • education certificates
  • job vacancies that interest you
  • your completed Skills Health Check report.

Contact details

Contact Name
To book an appointment in Camden or arrange a telephone appointment: 0203 714 8350. National Careers Helpline for advice over the phone or in other languages: 0800 100 900
Alternative website
For more information on how to prepare for your session, visit Careers Inspiration at 
Alternative Contact (National) (London) (National) (London) If you are a London-based business or organisation and you would like to get in contact with the National Careers Service in London, please contact Nigel Sandford, Operations Manager, or Victoria Kalber, Marketing Co-ordinator, on 0208 315 1500.


Activity location
Various Camden locations: Kentish Town JCP, Pancras Square Library, Notting Hill Genesis, WMC Camden College, West Euston Partnership, Gingerbread, Latin American House
Shaw Trust House
Elmfield Road

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm
Opening times (visits)
Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm
Opening times (phone)
Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm

Further details

Parent Body
National Careers Service London Region.
Client Group
Adults aged 19 and over (or 18 years old and not in employment, education or training)
Referral required?
Croatian; Tigre; Czech; Tigrinya; Sylheti; Congolese; Creole; Tamil; Dinka; Twi; Ukranian; Dutch; Tshiluba; Danish; Turkish; Dari; Farsi; Yiddish; Filipino; Yoruba; Urdu; Eritrean; Welsh; Eruwa; Gaelic; German; Zulu; Finnish; French; Hakka; Hebrew; Greek; Gujarati; Ibo; Igbo; Hindi; Hungarian; Japanese; Kikongo; Irish; Italian; Kosovan; Kurdish; Kiswahili; Korean; Latvian; Lebanese; Kurmanji (Kurdish); Langi; Luganda; Malay; Lingala; Lithuanian; Nepali; Oromo; Mandarin; Ndebele; Polish; Portuguese; Pashto; Persian; Afrikaans; Ruba; Albanian; Russian; Punjabi; Romanian; Afan; Serbo-Croat; Bangladeshi; Bayangi; Shona; Saho; Amharic; Serbian; Arabic; Somali; Bosnian; Sorani (Kurdish); Brazilian Portugese; Sign-Supported English (SSE); Bengali; Slovakian; Bilen; Cantonese; Swiss-German; Chinese; Swedish; Spanish; British Sign Language (BSL); Bulgarian; Swahili
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