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Camden and Islington Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Service

Our service supports children and people with Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia from birth to adulthood. The service provides services that are dynamic, integrated and holistic to children and young people with, or at risk of, sickle cell and Thalassaemia. The service focuses on putting the young person at the centre of their care; recognising and addressing the complex needs of individuals and families affected by these conditions. Our service has no time limitation on the amount of support will provide to a child or young person – from birth to adulthood. We provide: Psychological support Peer Group support Parent and Child Group

Contact details

Contact Name
Matty Asante-Owusu
Contact Position
Community Matron Sickle Cell & Service Manager
020 3316 8853/8854
Camden Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Service 


Activity location
17a Hornsey Street, London N7 8GG
Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre
Hornsey Street
N7 8GG

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Local Offer

About Local Offer
Local Offer Age Bands
Children under 5
School Age Children & Young People 5-18
SEN Provision Type
Where is the service located and what areas does it cover?

Our service is available to all children and young people who live within Camden and Islington. Our service is based at:

Who does your service provide for?

Our service provides for: ? People with sickle cell and Thalassaemia who use the local hospitals - Whittington, University College London and Royal Free hospitals. ? Families and carers of people with sickle cell and Thalassaemia ? Antenatal women with abnormal haemoglobin who are routinely referred from the maternity department at Whittington Hospital ? New babies of Camden and Islington residents referred from the new born screening programme for sickle cell disease ? Members of the public self-referring for information, blood testing or genetic counselling ? Ages from new born to adulthood

How can a child or young person start using the service?

We accept self-referrals from any member of the public, carers, family members and individuals with or at risk of sickle cell and Thalassaemia. Referrals are also made by health and social care professionals, including GPs, hospital doctors and social workers can refer patients by phoning or writing to the centre. We do not have a waiting list. We aim to provide support to a child or young person as soon as we receive a referral.

How are decisions made about eligibility for your service?

Our service is available to anyone and families can walk into the centre, for example if they have concerns about being a carrier and want to be tested or if they want any information.

How do you communicate with service users and how are they involved in decision making/planning?

We hold groups. Service Users are involved inn recruitment of staff through being on interview panels and there is service user representation on the steering group.

Is your service fully accessible?

The building where we are based is fully wheelchair accessible and has disabled changing and toilet facilities.

What training have the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had/or will be they be getting?

Staff have received Safeguarding children training and disability awareness training for children chronically sick.

Who should a service user contact if they want to raise a concern or complain about something?

A parent or young person who wishes to raise a concern or complain about something should contact: The Service Manager, Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre 17a Hornsey Street, London N7 8GG Telephone: 020 3316 8853/8854 Email: Or PALS (Patient Advise and Liaison) and Complaints Service at: Patient Advice and Liaison

Who can a parent carer/young person contact for further information?

Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre 17a Hornsey Street, London N7 8GG Telephone: 020 3316 8853/8854 Email: The Sickle Cell Society - The Thalassaemia Society -

The Local Offer is a free and impartial service provided by Camden Local Authority. Any service or provider mentioned in this Local Offer, does not represent a recommendation or endorsement of the service or quality of the service provided. You are responsible for undertaking your own checks to determine suitability of the service and provider.

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