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Littlehaven Nursery

A brand new 40 place nursery located in the heart of Camden Town with unique outdoor space opens in September 2016.

The Littlehaven Nursery will be open 51 weeks a year from 8am-6pm. Our child-centred approach promotes the development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence and aims to deliver the highest standards of nursery care. We work closely with our parents and carers to ensure the very best outcomes for our children right through from babies to pre-school age.

We have one of the largest all weather nursery gardens in Camden. Our outdoor space has been designed for children aged up to 5 years to explore, learn from and enjoy in all types of weather. Children are free to roam and explore our garden throughout the day. It is highly secure and is covered by CCTV at all times. Risk assessments are carried out before any children are allowed to go outside, and children will be accompanied by staff members whilst playing outside.

We have a variety of static play equipment to encourage climbing and balancing surrounded by grass or soft landing surfaces. For those interested in gardening we have flower and food growing low rise planters, where we will have regular activities in looking after these plants including pick, cook and eat sessions. We have mud & sand pits, plus water play equipment for serious messy play. We have large coloured chalk and paint for children to use on the floor and get creative.

We have playhouses, a number of ride on bikes, scooters and large building blocks plus loads more toys that children will enjoy playing with outside.


We have a bespoke architect-designed babies (3mths-2yrs) room. These facilities allow us to give little ones the attention they need whilst in our care. We work closely with parents to find out their babies daily routine, their likes & dislikes and other requirements. This helps our staff team organise individual fun, challenging and relaxing activities for your child throughout the day.


Children 2yrs - 3yrs. They will be allocated a place in the toddler group, toddlers in The Littlehaven Nursery are placed in either our baby room or our toddler/pre-school room depending on their individual requirements and development. If a child is currently in our baby room we will work with their parents on gradually introducing them to the toddler/pre-school room.  They will only move into the toddler/pre-school room when they are comfortable and confident to do so.


We have a bespoke pre-school room for children aged between 3-5yrs. Our pre-school room is packed full with educational toys, IT equipment, reading and dressing up areas and a quiet area for naps and relaxation. The facilities allow your child to explore and discover new things, develop new skills and learn through discussion and participation in the wide variety of activities on offer.  

Children who are ready and confident to move to the pre-school area from the toddlers area are already showing signs of independence by feeding & dressing themselves and expressing their opinions.

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02076 922293
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02074 853386,


The Littlehaven Nursery
Castlehaven Road

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Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
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Please contact the phone number or email address to book a visit.

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Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward
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