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Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum

The Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by Camden Council on 19 September 2016. The Plan now has legal effect and is part of Camden's statutory Development Plan for the Kentish Town area and will have an influence over local planning and development decisions.

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Roger Winfield
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07811 323836
020 7485 7743
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AGM held in January. Special General Meetings held when necessary.



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Client Group
Anyone who lives or works in the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum Area is automatically a member of the Forum. To be eligible to vote at meetings you must become a registered member of the Forum by emailing or phoning your contact details: name, email, postal address and telephone number.
Catchment Area
Encompasses the area of Kentish Town. From the north it runs along the north side of Little Green Street and Ingestre Road and the Ingestre Estate. From there it runs south down Fortess Road (omitting Tufnell Park Station) and then along the west side of Brecknock Road and the west of Camden Road to the bottom of the triangle below Camden Road Station in the south. It then runs up along the east side of Camden Road, across Kentish Town Road and along the north side of Hawley Road. It runs along the west side of The Arches, the south side of Clarence Way and then north, including Castle Mews. It follows the railway line north up to and including Arctic Street. From Arctic Street it goes north east in a line up to the north side of Carker's Lane to join the east side of Highgate Road and continues north to join up at the northern corner of Little Green Street where it meets Highgate Road. For a map showing the area, see
Referrals Policy

Please email or telephone the Chair or Secretary. You can also look on Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum's website.

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