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(Also known as MOSAIC Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service)

We offer CAMHS services to children and young people, from 0-18 years, living in Camden with a significant disability. The service aims to improve the emotional health and wellbeing of children, young people and their families. There is a skilled workforce of doctors, nurses, psychologists, family therapists, psychotherapists and social workers, employed by the NHS and voluntary organizations. Their job is to assess and treat the full range of emotional and behavioral difficulties in childhood and adolescence. This includes emotional and behavioural difficulties in children who have special educational needs or disabilities through MOSAIC, the Integrated Service for Disabled Children and Young People.

Examples of problems that children and young people coming to our service are seeking help for include: anxiety, panic, fears and phobias, difficulties adjusting to new situations, depression, mood swings, aggression, challenging behaviour, hyperactivity and eating problems, sleep difficulties. There are a few children and young people who have severe mental health problems, and we can meet their needs too. Usually we do an initial assessment to understand what the problems are, what has caused the problems, and what can be done to help most effectively.

There are a wide range of different ways to help children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, including advice and support for parents, a range of types of counselling and therapy for children, therapeutic work with the family as a whole, working in groups to help children or parents with a range of difficulties that arise or working with school staff to support children and young people in school. Occasionally, if needed, medication can be prescribed. In general, our average treatment length is 6 months to a year, with about 6–12 appointments over that time period. Sometimes all that is needed is 2 or 3 assessment appointments, but treatment can be more intensive if needed (with appointments offered frequently) or longer-term.

Contact details

Contact Name
Nancy Sheppard
Contact Position
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Service Manager Mosaic CAMHS
020 3317 2200
[email protected]


Kentish Town Health Centre
Bartholomew Road

Further details

Cantelowes Ward
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Local Offer

About Local Offer
Local Offer Age Bands
Preparing for Adult Life 14-25
Children under 5
School Age Children & Young People 5-18
SEN Provision Type
Where is the service located and what areas does it cover?

The service is based in Kentish Town Health Centre.

Who does your service provide for?

Children, young people and their families living in Camden with a significant disability.

How can a child or young person start using the service?

We can see children referred by their GP, School or other professionals working with them.

How are decisions made about eligibility for your service?

Each referral is considered carefully by a team of experienced professionals to decide if we are the right service. If we are the right service we will write to ask families to 'opt-in' to the service. Once we have received your 'Opt-in form we will then send a letter inviting you to an assessment appointment or to let you know how we plan to start our assessment.  The Assessment aims to work out what the child’s needs are and how best we might work together to meet these needs. You should hear from the team to set up an assessment within 8 weeks of us receiving the 'opt-in' form.

How do you communicate with service users and how are they involved in decision making/planning?

Following assessment the professionals who have met you will discuss different treatment options with you and you will agree a care plan together. If further referral to a different service is needed that this will be done in collaboration with the service user and their families.

Is your service fully accessible?

We have lift access, disabled toilets and clear sign posting. Letters are sent with information of how to get to the centre and where the professionals will come to meet you for your appointment. We also do work in schools and occasionally do home visits if required.

What training have the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had/or will be they be getting?

Our staff are all trained in working with children with disabilities/ SEND. We do support a number of trainees in different professional trainings and they will receive recognised training from post graduate professional training courses they are also closely supervised in the work they do in this team.

Who should a service user contact if they want to raise a concern or complain about something?

If you would like to make a complaint or raise a concern you should contact either Nancy Sheppard, Service Manager, Mosaic CAMHS or Sarah Hulme, Head of Children, Young People and Family Services, Camden Integrated Children’s Service, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust.

You can email Nancy at [email protected]  or call 020 3317 2200. Alternatively, you can email Sarah at [email protected] or call her on 020 3317 2283.

Who can a parent carer/young person contact for further information?

Please contact Adam Smith, Team administrator or Nancy Sheppard, Service manager for further information.

The Local Offer is a free and impartial service provided by Camden Local Authority. Any service or provider mentioned in this Local Offer, does not represent a recommendation or endorsement of the service or quality of the service provided. You are responsible for undertaking your own checks to determine suitability of the service and provider.

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