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Children’s Complex and Continuing Care Team

We provide a package of health support to children who are dependent on technology at home and in the community. Whittington Health NHS Trust Children’s Complex and Continuing Care team delivers specialised homecare packages for children and young people with complex health needs that are dependent on technology to live. This includes long-term ventilation, tracheostomy care, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and renal dialysis. We coordinate a safe discharge from hospital to home for the child/young person and provide a package of health care support in the community, working closely with the local authority social care team when needed. We assess each child individually and identify health needs and outcomes. The length of time the service supports a child will depend on the findings of the initial assessment.

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Contact Name
Jeanette Barnes
Contact Position
Community Matron


Northern Health Centre
Holloway Road
N7 6LB

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Local Offer Age Bands
Preparing for Adult Life 14-25
Children under 5
School Age Children & Young People 5-18
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Where is the service located and what areas does it cover?

Whittington Health NHS Trust Children’s Complex and Continuing Care team provides care packages in the boroughs of Camden and Islington.

Who does your service provide for?

The service provides care for children and young people from 0-18 years who are resident in the London Boroughs of Camden and Islington.

How can a child or young person start using the service?

Referral to the service is made by a doctor or other medical professional. There are no waiting lists. From April 2014 parents can ask for a Personal budget to pay for this service. Costs are individually calculated based on the needs of the child. This maybe part of a joint short breaks package with MOSAIC social care team.

How are decisions made about eligibility for your service?

An initial assessment is made by the nursing team which is discussed at an Additional Needs Panel. We send a letter explaining the decision to the child or young person’s parents. The service uses the “National Framework for Children and Young People’s Continuing Care (Department of Health, 2010) to determine eligibility. Sometimes the child or young person will be known to MOSAIC, the integrated service for disabled children and young people and a joint plan with MOSAIC would be put in place.

How do you communicate with service users and how are they involved in decision making/planning?

We ensure parents/carers are fully trained in the care of their child before discharge from hospital and we provide a staged discharge plan to ensure smooth transition from hospital to home. If parents require further training following discharge due to changes in their child’s condition we will provide this. The Complex and Continuing Care nursing team meets regularly with the family to discuss the current medical plan for the child and to make sure the care package continues to meet the child’s needs. The service is keen to listen to the views of the service users and asks families to complete a satisfaction questionnaire. An interpreter is used to communicate with families whose first language is not English.

Is your service fully accessible?

This service supports children in their home, school and other community sites. The child and family are consulted about the best place to meet for assessments and meetings. These will often take place in the child’s home.

What training have the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had/or will be they be getting?

Individualised training is offered to team members depending on the needs of the child and expert advice sought from specialists within the multi-disciplinary team. All team members complete Equality and Diversity training and Safeguarding Children with Disabilities.

Who should a service user contact if they want to raise a concern or complain about something?

A parent carer or young person who wishes to raise a concern or complain about something should contact Jeanette Barnes, Community Matron for Complex Care: 1st floor, Northern Health Centre, 580 Holloway Rd, London, N7 6LB T: 0203 316 1950

Who can a parent carer/young person contact for further information?

Jeanette Barnes, Community Matron for Complex Care: 1st floor, Northern Health Centre, 580 Holloway Rd, London, N7 6LB T: 0203 316 1950

The Local Offer is a free and impartial service provided by Camden Local Authority. Any service or provider mentioned in this Local Offer, does not represent a recommendation or endorsement of the service or quality of the service provided. You are responsible for undertaking your own checks to determine suitability of the service and provider.

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