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Tree and Landscape Officer (Camden Council)

(Formerly known as Tree Preservation Officer Camden Council)

Deals with trees on private land and as part of planning applications, Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas, and other enquiries relating to trees on private land in Camden. For enquiries about trees on public highways, in parks, schools or communal areas on Council estates contact the Tree Section Phone: 020 7974 4444. The Arboricultural Association is the professional body for the tree work industry. The association has a registered tree contractor/consultant scheme that contains companies who have been vetted and are monitored by the association. You can contact the Arboricultural Association through: or phone: 01242 522152 for further information. If you choose to use a tree work contractor that is not approved by the Arboricultural Association, it is advisable before you employ them that you check the company has the appropriate level of third party and public liability insurance, and are appropriately qualified/training for the work to be undertaken. Any reputable tree work contractor/consultant will be happy to provide the above information.

Contact details

Contact Name
020 7974 4444
Fax: 020 7974 1930


Fast Track and Validations Service
London Borough of Camden
5 Pancras Square
c/o Town Hall, Judd Street

Further details

Parent Body
Camden Council Supporting Communities Directorate.
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