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Coram Creative Therapies

Camden Families

Coram Creative Therapies works in collaboration with the London Borough of Camden to support young people that live and go to school in Camden through creative therapy.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is aimed at helping children to express their emotions non-verbally and to help them build trust through creating an open and safe space with their therapist. Children and young people referred to music therapy do not need to have any musical skills or experience. It provides a secure base where children and young people can explore their experiences creatively, often with carers and parents alongside them and can help develop ways of building greater resilience in themselves and in their relationships.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication.  Children and young people referred to an art therapist do not need to have previous experience or skills in art.  The art therapist’s role is to facilitate communication of children’s thoughts and feelings though the use of art.  Art Therapy is not dependent on spoken language and can therefore be helpful to anyone who finds it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings verbally.  Art Therapist can help identify new strategies for managing feelings, thoughts and behaviours at home and at school.  They can build resilience in the child and encourage and support the child, their parents and teachers through the process of making positive changes.

What therapy can a young person from Camden access?

A young person from Camden can be referred for Art Therapy or Music Therapy. The therapy could be in a group or 1 to 1 setting.

“These sessions have really helped P; We’ve noticed such a difference at home – he’s like a different little boy, and we’ve had great feedback from school as well; his self-esteem is really growing and helping him engage better educationally”. Parent

Contact details

Contact Name
Hayley Clark
Contact Position
Team Administrator
020 7520 0311

Time / Date Details

When is it on
'Mon-Fri 9am-5pm'

Further details

Catchment Area
Referrals Policy
The usual referral route we would recommend is for the young person’s SENCO or Class Teacher to make the referral.
Referral required?
Kings Cross Ward
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