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Cabinet Member for Safer Communities (Camden Council)

Councillor Nadia Shah (Lab). The role is:


Leading on reducing hate crime, drug activity, preventing anti-social behaviour and crime, reducing rough sleeping, increasing trust and special responsibility for creating vibrant markets (community safety, anti-social behaviour, no place for hate, markets). 


To take responsibility for delivery of the aspects Our Camden Plan that relate to the portfolio functions outlined below and in particular the following: 

  • ensuring that we do everything we can to reduce crime and keep our citizens safe
  • tackling hate crime and radicalisation. This includes creating the space in our communities for dialogue that increases understanding and tolerance, particularly during times of increased community tension. To lead on reducing rough sleeping and homelessness.To lead on reducing hate crime and preventing anti-social behaviour and crime including community safety, anti-social behaviour and no place for hate.To build effective partnerships with the police to identify emerging areas of concern.Emergency Management and responding to emergency incidents.To take special responsibility for creating vibrant markets. Managing the impact of the night time economy.To be responsible for the health and safety issues that fall within the remit of this portfolio. 

To be responsible for effectively discharging the Council’s strategic (non-landlord) duties under homeless and related legislation and the effective stewardship of General Fund budgets associated with these duties and services.

To have responsibility for all matters within the remit of the Cabinet which relate to community safety, anti-social behavior, tackling hate and emergency planning. These include, but not exclusively, the executive matters dealt with by the relevant parts of the Supporting Communities Directorate and other Directorates but may also include other matters from time to time. In particular this portfolio includes responsibility for the Council’s approach to substance misuse and, working with the Cabinet Member for Best Start in Life, domestic and sexual violence and child sexual exploitation.

To be responsible for the aspects of the council’s response to HS2 and Euston Station that fall within these portfolio responsibilities.

Contact details

Contact Name
Olivia Mensah
Contact Position
Head of Member Support
020 7974 6409
Fax: 020 7974 5921
Alternative Contact


c/o Member Support
Camden Town Hall
Judd Street

Further details

Parent Body
Camden Council Corporate Services Directorate
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