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Leader of the Council (Camden Council)

Councillor Georgia Gould (Lab). The role is:


Leading on overall strategy, citizen participation and innovation. Given their long term significance to retain oversight of HS2, equalities and resident safety.


To have overall responsibility for the functions within the remit of the Cabinet and the ability to make any decision that can be made by any Cabinet Member and the Cabinet collectively, or has been delegated to officers.

To lead on overall strategy and have responsibility for the policy and performance of the Council, including oversight of the implementation of, “Our Camden Plan”, together with taking a strategic oversight of the Council’s major projects.

To take the strategic lead on all devolution issues for the Council

To take a particular lead delivering the following: 

  • Opening up the Council so all citizens can have a say and working to make sure residents are at the heart of delivering Camden 2025, our community led vision for Camden.
  • Helping to make Camden a home of innovation and creativity, where we learn together, and trial new ideas to tackle inequality and long-standing problems.
  • Ensuring the council is campaigning in London and nationally on behalf of our residents.
  • Making sure that residents have a say in how services are delivered and run and to work to make sure that, where the council is best placed to deliver services and lead work ourselves, we will.

To have overall responsibility for council communications.

To have overall strategic responsibility for resident safety in Camden.

To be responsible for health and safety issues that fall within the remit of this portfolio.

To be Cabinet lead for all matters within the remit of the Cabinet (subject to those allocated below) relating to the activities of Corporate Strategy, Communications and Law and Governance Divisions of the Corporate Services Directorate.

To maintain an oversight on HS2 and Euston Station, with the strategic lead being the Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities and with each Cabinet Members being responsible for delivery within their portfolios of relevant aspects of the project.

To take, with the Cabinet Member for Promoting Culture and Communities, the lead in seeking to protect Camden residents (including resident EU nationals) businesses and other organisations against the negative consequences of the UK’s exit from the EU.

To be responsible for appointing a Senior Coroner as required under Schedule 3 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009.

Should the Cabinet Member for Best Start in Life decline to act in relation to the appointment of school governors (for whatever reason), then the Leader or Deputy Leader will take the decision on school governor appointments or removals. For decisions relating to the removal of school governors then the Leader/Deputy Leader will either make the decision in consultation with the Executive Director Supporting People or should the Leader/Deputy Leader not have made the initial decision and should an appeal have been lodged, will receive the recommendation from the Governors Appeals Panel after an appeal.

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Cabinet Office
020 7974 7825
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c/o Cabinet Office
Camden Town Hall
Judd Street

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Camden Council Corporate Services Directorate
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