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Parking Suspensions Team (Camden Council)

A suspension to a parking bay or space prohibits the use of the bay by anyone other than the person or organisation that has made the application for the suspension. Whilst a parking suspension can be in place at any time, in most cases a suspension will normally operate between the core hours of 8.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday. The minimum notice period required to suspend parking bays is 14 calendar days, plus 3 working days processing time. Applications to suspend a bay must be received by 3pm, Mon-Fri (excluding public and bank holidays). Please apply online from the web page listed.

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An administration charge and charges per day of suspensions apply; charges can be found on the website listed. Charges must be paid in advance.

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Parent Body
Camden Council Corporate Services Directorate.
Catchment Area
London Borough of Camden.
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